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TUESDAY NOV. 10th Please join DRAN's Planning & Humanitarianism Symposium Click for more information


Miloon Kothari of DRAN recently attended the Global Consultation of the World Humanitarian Summit in Geneva. Click image for DRAN's statement regarding the conference. (image source: WHS site)

The Displacement Research and Action Network, based at MIT, is a global network on displacement and land rights that brings together activists, academics and policy makers to build new theory and evidence of the increase and intensity of mass internal displacement around the world due to development, conflict or climate disaster.

As one of the most far-reaching and pressing phenomena of the modern world, there is increasing evidence that displacement is not an isolated phenomenon, but linked to severe social and economic outcomes and political consequences. To address this, the Network seeks to build global collaboration, advance the frontiers of knowledge on displacement and its consequences, and influence national and global policies on displacement that promote social, cultural and economic rights.

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